Hardware Deployment


Making Installations Stress-Free

At KhoeTech, our team will help you deploy new technologies throughout your company or to multiple sites while mitigating user disruption and downtime. By coordinating collaboration between stakeholders, partners, and end-users, we'll advise you on high-level strategy and the details of specific implementations.

Maximize Productivity with Efficient Deployments

Initial IT Consultation

In the first phase, we’ll assess your company’s existing infrastructure and determine what devices are contained within the project’s scope. After we’ve gained a clear understanding of your company’s goals, we’ll outline a vendor-agnostic strategy for achieving them.

Installation & Implementation

After developing a solution that is aligned with your company’s objectives, we’ll monitor and assist with installing the specified hardware and software. For multiple deployments, we’ll customize each installation to accommodate each facility’s unique needs.

Supporting Business' Growth

After we’ve implemented the optimal solution for your business, we’ll assist your team with properly disposing of old devices, ensuring that each one is securely wiped and compliant with EPA standards.

The KhoeTech Difference

Integrity, Innovation & Excellence


By leveraging our strategic partnerships with vendors of high-quality software and hardware solutions, we provide seamless and reliable results that help make your business a success.


Though our services span a wide range of specialties, like network engineering, data management, and helpdesk support, we are dedicated to providing exceptional results for your company - every time.


Our industry experience and proven expertise guide all of our decisions at KhoeTech. From installation to support, we are committed to delivering successful results and proactively mitigating downtime and other threats to your business' operations.

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